The All Real Story

In 2017 we said enough with the artificial protein bars. We started making natural protein bars under our brand, Origin. We made them in our kitchens and sold them in farmers markets until we moved into our factory in Kerry and Origin was nation-wide. After many long conversation about single use plastic and our passion for sustainability, we knew there was more to us than just make a natural protein bar. We decided to create a brand that could make a real difference. We wanted to create brand with a strong social mission, that made an impact on the world around us. That was the moment All Real Nutrition was born!

We started on seperate paths as two engineers who left the corporate world to make it in healthy snacking industry. Ross started biltong brand. Niall started a protein bar brand. Ross left his biltong business, met Niall and they joined forces at Origin. From day one we have been absolutely obsessed about our product. We have spent 5 years perfecting the recipe, and gone through hundreds of recipes to get it just right. We have spent all that time, sourcing the finest ingredients the world has to offer while keeping true to our beliefs of using only nutrient-packed natural ingredients. After years of development our products finally meet our rigorous standards for taste, nutrition and texture.

Community has always been a huge part of our journeys in fitness, and we believe a community with a common mission can solve anything. We have put a major focus on building our All Real community, through our events and online community we are striving to make our world cleaner though the All Real Clean Planet Project where we are supporting charities who clean oceans from plastic pollution and plant trees. We are to build a place where we push ourselves to become better while making on the world.

Before All Real....

Way back in 2013 - When Ross first launched his biltong brand before he met Niall.

Day 1 February 2015 - the first day we rented a commercial kitchen to test recipes for what later turned into All Real

May 2016 - The first ever protein bar we made. It was our famous cashew cookie dough that Niall made at home.

December 2016 - The first batch of bars we ever made for a local farmers market! We sold out by the morning.

February 2017 - The official launch of Origin Protein Bars!

September 2017 - Niall and Ross join forces with Origin but develop a plan on how to change the brand for a sustainable new beginning.